Little House Coloring Book (Little House Merchandise) Review

Little House Coloring Book Little House Merchandise Review

Join Laura Ingalls, her Ma and Pa, and her sisters, Mary, Carrie, and Grace, on their travels across the frontier in this beautifully designed coloring book, which includes classic artwork by Garth Williams and quotes from all nine original Little House books. Color in your favorite pioneer characters and scenes as you revisit this beloved series! Check Out What Readers Said about Kindle/eBook! “Oh my goodness , I absolutely love this coloring book! Who ever thought of taking the classic Little House books and putting them into color book form is amazing! What a great addition to my Little House…

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Acheron Highway: The Second Jonathan Shade Novel Review

Acheron Highway The Second Jonathan Shade Novel Review

The dead won’t stay buried in Denver, so Jonathan Shade isn’t too surprised when a deceased woman shows up wanting to hire him. A necromancer stalker has stolen her heart – literally – and she needs it if she’s going to live. But Shade’s jobs are never simple. The dead won’t leave him alone. They work for a lovesick goddess who wants Shade to turn over her former lover. Chased by zombies, and then by an army of skeletons, Shade and his magically-engineered partner, Kelly Chan, fight to stay alive. Keep your hands and feet in the vehicle at all…

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