I Don’t Want to Lose Hope: One life’s journey, fight and triumph!

I Don't Want to Lose Hope

A book under a title “I Don’t Want to Lose Hope” is a very interesting piece of art, written by a Qazaq prominent writer, translator Nemat Kelimbetov. It is an autobiographical novel, written by Nemat Kelimbetov during his dark times. His story begins with an appeal to his wife at the time of his own physical ailment – the hero is confined to a hospital bed. For many years after an unsuccessful surgery, the author struggled with his body, which refused to obey him – a strong man in the prime of life with strong public opinion due to his…

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END THE FEAR of Living Paycheck To Paycheck Review

END THE FEAR of Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Are you living in the uncertainty that comes with barely surviving paycheck to paycheck? What would happen if you unexpectedly lost your job? Are you hiding behind a fake smile only to scrape by at the end of each pay period? What happens when you get sick?  Need time off?  Missing important life-events? Or even worse, what happens when your spouse or children get sick? If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, then this book is for you. What makes this book outstanding is its friendly approach to individuals who have never handled personal finance and…

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How Do You Place God In Your Heart When You Never Believed He Was There From The Start?


Ellis Lucas saw no hope of salvation or meaning in life or the world around him. Isolation, uncontrollable anger and violence, abandonment and feeling unwanted, a lost and broken soul, inebriated by drinking from deceptive cisterns and poisoned waters of this passing age! His life had spiralled and into years of addiction, a violent car wreck, almost losing his life in a house fire, mounting debts, jail, a broken marriage and finally a choice; life or death? As he was ready to surrender. Only then did he begin to see the signs around him—even in the cat he swore he’d…

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