From The Emptiness Is Been Talked About As The Best Book To Read For Summer 2020 Or During The Lockdown

From the Emptiness

O.T. Babalola debut novel from the emptiness is a fantasy tale between multiple dimensions where the world of two different existences faces adversaries that challenge their continued future. The book tells the story ‘From the Emptiness’ starting from the time when Zeus and Hades existed together as brother and the power that turned them away from each other. Also told is the story of ‘The Austere Time of the Crystal’ where the lives of young mortals are rattled and attacked by a greater power. Read From the emptiness for FREE click link Purchase book on amazon for $0.99 click…

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True to Myself: Peace, Love, Marni

True To Myself

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Marni Goldman has lived a life. The daughter of a single, glamorous but drug-addicted mother, Marni married the first time for money (as she’d been instructed to do by her family) and the second time for love. She went on to use her “mama’s gut – a badass gut” to raise her daughter and her son (who has a rare genetic disorder), all the while grappling with her own depression, ADHD, childhood PTSD, and anxiety – not to mention a leukemia diagnosis. Trials like this could break anybody – but for Marni, the turning…

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Heartbeat of My Life — A Story of Child Sexual Abuse, Homelessness, Juvenile Jails, Institutional Care, Government Failures & Lies, Hope, & Survival

Heartbeat of My Lif

“I have made peace with my past. What I want to yell from the roof tops is, ‘everyone matters’. We all have beating hearts of energy in life on planet earth. We all have the capacity to love, laugh and have a good life.  Growing up in care, we suffered from a poverty mindset, being emotionally and spiritually bankrupt…  Today, I am able to appreciate all the simple pleasures of life, having raised my level of thinking. Good people can make a huge difference in someone’s life.”  In May 1962, three children were taken from their parents by the state…

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