Journey to the Hopewell Star – You Don’t Want to Miss this Debut YA Book By Award-Winning Author Hannah D. State

Journey to the Hopewell Star

If you love reading books on science fiction in your leisure, we have a new, amazing book for you. Written by the award-winning author Hannah D. State, Journey to the Hopewell Star is an interesting book with full of suspense that is sure to keep your interest alive till the end.  From mysterious and fascinating characters to exciting adventures, it has everything to turn your idle time into a great fun time.  The book is now available in both Kindle and paperback editions on Amazon. Due to its interesting storyline, the book is getting steam among book readers all over…

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Want to be a TEDx speaker? Don’t miss this book: Master TEDx

Master TEDx

Everyone dreams of making a difference. As The Beatles sang, “we all want to change the world”. But is it really possible for a normal person to do so? The answer is yes. The key is TEDx. If you’ve ever seen TEDx videos you know how inspiring they can be. The true impact can be delivered through a single viral talk. But maybe you’re not famous enough to be approached by a TEDx organizer. Perhaps you haven’t come up with an idea worth spreading. Maybe you have no idea where to start. Well that’s no problem at all! You don’t…

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