Living in Style: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour Review

Living in Style Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour Review

Rachel Zoe is an unparalleled fixture in the fashion world known for her unique take on effortless glamour. The designer, stylist, and editor is celebrated for shaping the images of Oscar-winning actresses and creating collections that embody her modern and sophisticated look. Now she wants to help you define your own personal style and incorporate it into all aspects of your life, from your wardrobe to your home to your next dinner party. In these sleek pages, Rachel offers trusted tips and advice-along with style insights from her fellow insiders, friends, and family members. You will find never-before-seen photographs from…

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INTO THE STORM: Aliens Among Us


2021 Semi-Finalist for Clue Award and a Paranormal Award. There are aliens among us, but they take on many forms. They hide in plain sight. One of them could be you. Set in small-town America, D. J. Adamson tells the story of an alien agenda, creating a madness of fear, and awakening concepts we may not be ready to see in ourselves. Into the Storm, a science-fiction thriller, asks questions needing answers before the big reveal: utilizing first contact, criminal intent, and the fear of those who are different. “Excellent woven thriller with a SciFi twist!” Get eBook Now Product…

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