Mini MBA in Entrepreneurship by Hussain AlMeraj


Build your billion-dollar company from the ground up and live your entrepreneurial dreams with this guide! Are you ready to venture into entrepreneurship? Not sure where to start? This handbook offers all the information you need to get started and launch that great idea you’ve been visualizing. This information—compiled from multiple professionals and industry experts—can’t be found in any other how-to manual. With one-of-a-kind research, powerful tools, and a perspective of successful professionals, you can’t afford to miss this book if you’re serious about your entrepreneurial goals. You’ll learn: Secret Tools to Generate Promising Start-ups Venture Ideas You can Build…

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Mom, Dad; What About Me?! By Arlayn M. Ladson-Castle JD


Mom, Dad; What About Me?! is a valuable resource for parents who are not living together and have a minor child or children. It provides guidance and tips on how to keep the communication lines open between both parents and how to make decisions that are in the best interest of their child. Written by Arlayn M. Ladson-Castle JD, the book is intended for parents who need help managing the conflicting emotions that come with divorce and separation. The author helps parents learn how to set boundaries and communicate effectively with each other in order to avoid harmful conflict. The…

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