System Exposed: Heartbeat Of My Life


I HAVE MADE PEACE WITH MY PAST. What I want to yell from the rooftops is “everyone matters!” We all have hearts of energy. We all have the capacity to build a good life. Today, I can appreciate all the simple pleasures in my day by changing my thinking from past to present. Good people will make a difference in someone’s life. Within the pages of SYSTEM EXPOSED – Heartbeat of My Life, Julie shares her horrific childhood story; complete with child abuse, homelessness, juvenile jails, institutional care, lies and cover ups from trusted officials. The government just closed their…

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The Red Car Noir Series


Book 1: The Anaheim Beauties Valencia Queen Book 2: The Cigarette Girl on the Tango Book 3: The Society for the Complete Extermination of Ethan Authors: D.J. Phinney Amazon URL: Book Trailer Link: Website URL: Book Synopsis: Phinney’s first book, The Anaheim Beauties Valencia Queen, incorporates these facts behind the heavy presence of the Klu Klux Klan in Anaheim during the early and mid-1900’s. The book takes readers back a century, to a time when the country was recovering from WWI, orange groves dominated southern California, Hollywood was a mecca for beautiful young women, and the Klan seemed…

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Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough, (RE)Discover Your Passion, Purpose, & Love of Yourself & Life

Journey Well

Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough, (RE)Discover Your Passion, Purpose, & Love of Yourself & Life is a literary roadmap to help you claim your better, brighter life. As the title says, you’re not ‘enough,’ You are More than enough. Do you want to defeat imposter syndrome? Do you want a better life, with more satisfaction and serenity? Are you tired of being sad, frustrated, angry at yourself and others? Are you convinced there’s a better way to live? Journey Well is a self-care, self-help, affirmation book and set of tools that will make you feel better about yourself,…

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