Feed the Mountain


Gillian and Anna are young sisters raised by a single mother. Once close, they find themselves slowly drifting apart as time and distance begin to pull them in different directions. In an effort to come together one last time, the two girls and their friends take a road trip to the mountain community of Doe Pass, where they intersect with a ritualistic cult that pulls them deep inside the Mountain. Anna manages a narrow escape only to face impending death on the mountainside as she is ravaged by the elements. Lenard, an elderly recluse who lives on the mountain, finds…

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Forever’s Too Long


Rafael Jones’ love of adventure took him into police work, military service, and finally a career as a private eye. In 1947 New York, his first couple of cases combine to drop him into deep trouble. For he soon finds himself coming face to face with supernatural evil threatening the people he cares about. Especially when that evil takes the form of vampires! Can he save his friends, or himself after he’s bitten? Get eBook Now Product Details Author: Helen Krummenacker Kindle Price: $3.99 ASIN: B07RSGKTDF Publication date: June 1, 2019 Language: English File size: 4131 KB Simultaneous device usage:…

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