WIN THE 16: Principles and Strategies to Optimize Your Day by Dave Pygon Interview

Can you provide an overview of the key principles and strategies outlined in “WIN THE 16” by Dave Pygon? These principles will assist us in optimizing our day  Early successes in your Day Mindset Habits and Discipline Time Management Accountability and Healthy Lifestyle Change Agility Self-coaching and Coaches Happiness and Future Mission Plan To “Win the 16”, we have to be accountable for our actions and nonactions, taking ownership of our day, and setting authentic goals. Mental toughness is a pivotal skill because the world we live in is complex, and tough. It’s difficult to accomplish all that needs to…

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Interview with Best Selling Author Mike Barnes

Mike Barnes

Mike Barnes – Barnes Leadership and Strategy Coaching LLC Mike served as Executive Vice President / CRO in the exciting beverage alcohol industry. With more than 38 years of leadership, he passionately supported serving others to pursue and achieve their full potential, which brought energetic meaning to every day. Mike recently started Barnes Leadership and Strategy Coaching where he has been a keynote speaker on authentic servant leadership (Engage the Heart Challenge the Mind). He is also the author of three children’s books. Find out more about Mike at and Please briefly describe the book? Hardwired To The…

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L Bossi Fantasy Author Interview

The Enpirion Project by L. Bossi

First and foremost, I’m an artist and my answers to a lot of these questions are not going to be your typical sort of responses because I’m coming from a very different place of creation…and we artists are a bit of a weird bunch.  Our work and inspiration and the way we make things is quite a bit different from how a writer works.  While some of my art is intentionally created, I don’t consider The Enpirion Project to be in that category.  It very much has a life of its own. Hearts & Stars,                                                                      Bossi What drew you to…

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Louis Sapia Non-Fiction Interview 2023

Louis Sapia

BUILDING SELF-ESTEEM & CONFIDENCE FOR SUCCESS DON’T SIT THE BENCH “Drawing from a lifetime of experiences, the author of Don’t Sit the Bench, Louis S. Sapia, Jr., shares a wealth of knowledge and gives practical advice for young adults starting to pave their own ways in life. Delivered encouragingly, he uses his own real-life trials and tribulations as examples, along with inspirational stories about some successful, well-known names and how they got to where they are today. From high school to college to employment he covers the whole court of life’s challenges and gives tips on everything from study habits…

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