Let’s Kidnap Me (Kindle Edition) by Kyle Guillou


Reading books is a pleasant way to spend your free time. But some books are boring, others are too long, and there is always a danger of falling asleep before you reach the end. This won’t happen with Let’s Kidnap Me. If you’re looking for something to alleviate your boredom, then Let’s Kidnap Me is an interesting read. This book is filled with twists to make you want to curl up in bed with a cup of tea and forget about the day’s fatigue. Let’s Kidnap Me is now available to buy on Amazon in Kindle Edition. Let’s Kidnap Me…

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Disasters to Dreams: A Gritty Guide to Finding Success In The Face Of Failure by Chris Patrick


If you’re feeling stuck in your life or want to take the next step towards creating a better future for yourself and your family, then this book is for you. The world of business is not only about making money—it’s also about finding meaning. It’s now available in all formats and editions, including Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover on Amazon. You can have both! This book ‘’Disasters to Dreams’’ will show you how to find purpose while building wealth through entrepreneurship. It doesn’t matter what kind of skills or experience you have right now because everyone has the potential to be…

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Rich Money Models by Richard Evans – The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Successful Model

Rich Money Models by Richard Evans

Want to take your modeling to the next level? Struggling to achieve a stunning ramp look? Well, you may find satisfying answers to all your questions pertaining to modeling in a book titled ‘’ Rich Money Models.’’ Written by Richard Evans, the book comprises everything necessary to become a successful model. It’s now available on Amazon.  The book precisely covers everything related to modeling and provides you with useful tips to perform well on the ramp. Modeling isn’t as easy and simple as many people think. You need to look and perform your best to leave an everlasting impression on…

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