Healing Hearts

Dive into an enthralling narrative where professional lines blur into personal desires, and the heart’s whisper becomes too loud to ignore. This tale takes you behind the closed doors of a counseling center, where two individuals find themselves grappling with an attraction that defies the rulebook. Mia, a skilled therapist, knows the importance of keeping personal and professional lives separate. Yet, when Daniel, her mentor and boss, unexpectedly asks her to accompany him to a charity ball, it sparks a cascade of emotions she’s ill-prepared to manage. Begin a journey teeming with stolen glances, hushed conversations, and the tantalizing risk…

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Harmful Inheritance


Unemployed and penniless, Stephen Jones accepts an offer to move to London to work for his brother’s furniture restoration business. But when he arrives, he learns his brother, Peter, is dead, and he inherited the business, including all his brother’s assets. Determined to find answers, Stephen sets out to keep his Inheritance afloat and find his brother’s killer. But the deeper he delves into Peter’s affairs, the more Stephen begins to unravel the web of lies covering the shady underside of the business and the truth of who his brother was. Torn between vengeance and protecting his new livelihood, With…

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