Never Abandoned: A Collection of Inspirational Short Stories that Serve as a Reminder that God is Ever Present


Discover the Collection of Short Stories that Serve as a Reminder that God is Ever Present Are you looking for signs of God’s presence? Never Abandoned is a collection of short stories aiming to inspire and remind you that God is always near. God shows up no matter where we find ourselves. Trials. Struggles. Loss. From the holiest of mountaintops to the darkest depths of the valley. In the starry skies above and in the eyes of the abandoned child, to the prison convert, God’s grace is ever present. Every story is a reflective, thought-provoking piece of how God speaks…

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How Do You Place God In Your Heart When You Never Believed He Was There From The Start?


Ellis Lucas saw no hope of salvation or meaning in life or the world around him. Isolation, uncontrollable anger and violence, abandonment and feeling unwanted, a lost and broken soul, inebriated by drinking from deceptive cisterns and poisoned waters of this passing age! His life had spiralled and into years of addiction, a violent car wreck, almost losing his life in a house fire, mounting debts, jail, a broken marriage and finally a choice; life or death? As he was ready to surrender. Only then did he begin to see the signs around him—even in the cat he swore he’d…

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