Get Over Divorce by Adèle Théron – The Best Book that Actually Helps You Get Through a Traumatizing Experience of Divorce

Are you having a hard time getting over divorce? Don’t know what to do next? No fuss, you are at the right place. We’ve picked out a new book titled ‘’Get Over Divorce’ for you.

Written by the UK’s leading Divorce and Trauma Recovery Coach Adèle Théron, Get Over Divorce covers everything that one has to go through after a divorce. This divorce care book brings you an easy way out to put all your past painful experiences behind you. It’s available as an eBook and as an audiobook.


Here’s how Adèle Théron describes Divorce:

‘’Divorce is one of the biggest challenges an adult will ever face. Many list Divorce as being more challenging, more stressful, and more traumatic to get through than even death (bereavement). As if that were not bad enough, the statistics tell us that the divorce rate in 2nd (67%), 3rd (73%) or later marriages gets higher. So clearly we are not learning the lessons. The reality is that we are apparently destined to make the same mistakes again and again.’’

If you or any of your colleagues is on the lookout for tips on how to get through a divorce, be sure to give this divorce guidebook a go. The book comprises 10 useful tips that will surely go a long way toward helping you get through a divorce. All of the tips mentioned in the book have been handpicked to help you get over a divorce in no time. It’s a complete package for people struggling with their divorce.

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Publisher: Adèle Théron
Publication Date: 10-11-2018
Language: English


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