Utopia 2030 by Ellie Ghassali – The Best Book You Should Read Right Now

Written by Ellie Ghassali, Utopia 2030 is an interesting book for those wanting to know about the latest technological breakthroughs and how they are affecting human civilization. This book is now available in both hardcover and E-book editions.


The book will tell you about the dangers of executing these advanced technologies in a wrong way, and how we humans can use them in the right way for optimum universal prosperity. By the end of the book, you will have a clear picture of how the advanced technologies need to be implemented for the betterment of people.

The majority of people who have read or are reading this book are saying great things and they don’t feel hesitation in endorsing Utopia 2030 to anyone wanting to read something amazing.

Here’s what the book description says:

‘’Your wildest dreams have not prepared you for all that is now possible. Our recent technological advancements, and scientific discoveries have changed the game of life as we know it. Your entire worldview is about to change when you realize how far we’ve come, and how far we will go. Not in 10,000 years, not in 1,000 years, but in this decade the people who own the most will lead us into a Dystopia or a Utopia. The only way we can build an ethical, and equitable global power structure is by having competent leaders in control of the technology.

All that matters is that untainted future generations will be born into even better times than we found ourselves in. In this collection of insights you’ll find everything important presented to you in an easy digest format. Once you’ve learned the knowledge, then you can see how our advancements could be used to create our Utopia by 2030.”


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