Wall: A Post Apocalyptic/Dystopian Adventure: The Traveler, Book 3 Review

Wall A Post Apocalyptic Dystopian Adventure The Traveler Book 3 Review

  • In the chaos of a global plague, evil took hold. Governments fell, the good became servants, and the Cartel rose to power. A wall was built to contain the wasteland and keep the evil at bay. Now an organized resistance wants change. They’re willing to fight for it and they’ve asked Marcus Battle to help. The last thing Battle wants is another war. But if that’s what it takes to gain freedom and safe passage to the other side of the wall, he’ll take aim and fire.

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“This is the last in a series that got me hooked awhile back. I just had to finish the series. Quite good, actually. The concept is good and the situations are mostly believable. The main character is one tough dude as most mortal folks would have been killed off several times along the way. However his military training definitely pays off to keep him going. I liked it.” By Max Remley

“Join Battle and Lola as they continue their journey to the wall. Where they hope to find safety from the cartel. While staying with the dwellers they learn that not is all that it seems with them and the other side of the wall may not be as great as it seems. Battle meets one from his past and he lets his past and the loss of his family go so that he can move on with Lola. This was well written to end the series here or set the stage for the journey to continue.” By Mike Jackson

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