Wayward Son: A Monster Squad Novel, Book 6 Review

Wayward Son A Monster Squad Novel Book 6 Review

  • Picking up the pieces after a devastating blow is often the hardest thing to do, but life isn’t about living in the past; its about preparing for the future and serving up the coldest plate of revenge that you possibly can.
  • After having their home invaded and all but destroyed, the squads pool their forces and strike back against their attackers. But not all goes as planned, and unintended blood is spilt. All the while, without their knowledge, another evil grows stronger, building its forces in an effort to take over the world.

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“Easy to read, few errors makes it a fast read also. I am fully engaged with the characters and for me those are my favorite books to read, it makes me feel like I’m there, so to say. Totally engrossing for me. SPOILERS: I was saddened by the loss of Apollo but glad that Mitch and Jen finally meet.” By Kathleen Lindsay

“I’ve known Heath for a lost 20 years now. Who knew that he could actually write!! I’ve read all the MS series now and have been terribly impressed with the story line and character development. The books are fast paced and don’t have any dead spots of any lulls in the storyline. I’m glad to be a fan and a friend!!” By david mauk

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