Dr. Gil Snider Foreshadows The Ukraine-Russia Conflict In his Medical/Political Thriller, “Brain Warp”, Years Before It Happened.

Virginia Beach, Va., February 24, 2017

An unknown cluster of inexplicable deaths plaBrain Warpgue Dr. Peter Branstead’s neurology service at St. Mark’s Hospital in Greenwich Village. Its victims experience a violent death upon admission when the virus progress into convulsions and then cardiac arrest.

The good doctor has yet to realize a more sinister plot is being waged. The deaths are too methodical to be a coincidence, but how – and why – are they being killed?

Peter’s investigation leads him into a dark underworld of international intrigue and into the center of a plot to destroy the president of the Ukraine, Anatoly Labrinska. Peter learns that his patients have been given a mysterious drug that is also being administered to President Labrinska.

With time running out and no cure in sight, will Dr Peter be able to stay alive and halt the doomsday scenario that looms close at hand? With the political stability of Europe hanging in the balance and the lives of those he loves in jeopardy, will Peter be able to escape the savage Ukranian Mafia killer—an assassin so ruthless that the most vicious criminals on two continents live in fear of his wrath?

Fast paced and laced with intrigue, “Brain Warp” is a suspenseful tale of mystery that races to the unforgettable conclusion. Available at https://www.amazon.com, and other online sites.

About Dr. Gil Snider

Dr. Gil Snider is a neurologist practicing in Chesapeake, Virginia.  Trained at the University of Michigan and St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City, he lives in Virginia Beach with his wife and has two sons.

For more information on Gil Snider and the book, including reviews visit https://www.gilsnider.com/

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